Stephen Bahl (nedu) wrote in copwsrowtel,
Stephen Bahl

Two words...

"Frisson" (free-SON)

A sudden, brief moment of excitement or fear; thrill, shudder.

[From French frisson (shiver), from Old French friçon, from Late Latin
friction-, from Latin frictio (friction), from Latin frigere (to be cold).]

"I get to find small but interesting differences related to communication in Japan and the United States that still give me a pleasurable frisson of surprise." --Kate Elwood; Surprising Differences; The Daily Yomiuri (Tokyo, Japan); Jan 24, 2005


A thin light iron-tipped wooden spear used in southern Africa.

[17c: from Arabic az-zagayah the spear.]

"I should have to learn to make bows and arrows and assegais; to track game; to catch and break-in wild horses; and to tackle natives armed with poison arrows." --Buoyant Billions
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